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Love Spinshot - Cash Back Program

Here is your chance to earn 10% cash back, or a FREE machine!

Share the love with the Spinshot Community

We love seeing our Spinshot machines in action and want to give you the opportunity to share your favorite drills with the wider Spinshot community. The more you share the better!

Simply create a video of yourself or a student you coach using a Spinshot ball machine, upload it to YouTube and we will provide cash back to the value of 10% of your original purchase price of the machine.

How do I get a free machine?

There is no limit of videos - each video shared is worth 10% cash back, so if you want to share 10 amazing videos with the Spinshot community then we can give you 100% cash back - how cool is that!!

Read the video recommendations, questions and terms of this offer below before submitting your video.

Recommendations for a great video

  • Show at least a 6 ball drill sequence, or even better play it through twice so we can get a feel for the sequence.
  • Show the drill settings - a screenshot taken of the Drill Maker app on your phone would be great. This makes it easy for others to try out your drill
  • Your drill should contain a variety of shots - direction, speed and height
  • Hit balls should all land within court - not hit the net or go out
  • Location of video should to be a tennis court
  • Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link
  • Send the original video via file transfer to support@spinshot-sports.com
  • Use some hashtags in your video description so other Spinshot fans can find you - #spinshot #spinshotsports #lovespinshot #tennisballmachine #besttennisballmachine


Make great videos and get more rewards

Videos that are of excellent quality, in an attractive setting / location can earn extra cash back.

You are welcome to submit multiple videos. We will reward you for each video made if they are of excellent quality. 

It's a good idea to submit one video first and we can provide any feedback and comments if necessary before you make more videos. 


Can I promote my business in the video?

Yes! You are welcome to promote your business within the video. We recommend you take this opportunity to promote your business name, location and website as these videos will be viewed by thousands of your potential customers.


Who is the 'Love Spinshot - Cash Back Program' open to?

The Love Spinshot - Cash Back Program is open to all tennis player worldwide that have purchased a Spinshot Ball machine. You don't have to be a professional tennis player - many of our Spinshot community are families so drills don't need to be advanced / difficult. A great drill for young kids as just as good!


Do you have an example of how the video should look?

Yes, have a look at this Demo Drill video we made. You do not have to provide a voice over commentary like in this video - just video footage is fine. 

It is helpful to describe each shot like we have done. This can be done at the start, end or during the video as an overlay as we have done in this demo video.

Terms of Cash Back Program Offer

Videos submitted will be reviewed and accessed by Spinshot Sports for quality and content, just to make sure they are suitable to share with our community.

If your video submission is accepted, we will write to you and confirm.  We will pay the cash back amount within 7 days of this confirmation by way of a refund to the original account you used to purchase the machine.

If your video is not quite right we may suggest changes to help improve the video in order for it to be accepted for the cash back offer.

We would love to share your videos with the broader public so more people can see your drills. We may use your videos on our social media pages and website. We will always credit you as the video creator, so provide us with your IG & FB details so we can link back to you.

This offer is open to all tennis players worldwide who have purchased from this website www.spinshotsports.com