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Here’s what some of our clients have to say

"I purchased the Spinshot Player. Awesome machine that has great functionality. I love the ability to programme my own drills to help simulate realistic match play. Even better it is all done from my phone… I would definitely recommend to the competitive player or someone who wants to up their game."
Spinshot Player Owner

“It is very compact, light, easy to transport. When compared to the Lobster Elite 1 it has the same functionalities but costs 35% less. ”
Pawel, Tennis Training Expert

"I love how our Spinshot is so portable. I put it in the boot of the car and take it down to my local club. It is fair to say we always have a tennis partner that’s just that wee bit better than us…"
Spinshot Lite Owner

“I looked at several brands of ball machines before making this purchase. Spinshot seemed to me the best made and best value compared to what is out there. I like the fact that the body of the machine is metal rather than plastic and all of the features I need are included at a reasonable price.”
Myriam, Tennis Coach

"For me the manual mode of the Spinshot Plus machine does what a tennis ball machine should do – concentrate on one shot at a time – I’ve been using it to improve my transitional game (approach shot, put-aways, volleys, smashes) and anything else that happens to be a weakness in my game. You can also then hit the oscillator to mix it up and create a more realistic rally”.

"My wife & I purchased a Spinshot Pro. Our tennis court has never had so much use. A great workout, right in the back yard - when we can get the kids away from it."
Spinshot Pro Owner